Before we begin….

The aim of this portfolio is to help you get started exploring the Ori platform. All my applications and services are built to compliment and work with one other, and together make up what will be referred to as the Ori platform going forward! So remember, whenever you see the term Ori platform, it refers to the collection of applications and services that makeup the platform.

So, let's get started!

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Ori Explore

Start exploring the Ori Platform here

Ori explore is the best way to explore all my applications, games, and services! This intelligent platform serves as your personal guide throughout all applications and services, learns what you've seen, show's you new things to try, as well as tracks your progress.

Ori Go

URL redirect and Catalog service

Ori go is a URL redirection service that enables the creation of dynamic Go links, whose target can be dynamically changed. It also provides a catalog of useful links for some of my applications, services, games, you tube video, and other items.

Ori Wiki

Get the documentation you need

The Ori Wiki is the best place to go to get the latest documentation for all Ori Platform applications and services. This includes SDK information, API definitions, development guides, and much more

Most popular applications

You can find direct links to the most popular Ori applications below


Identity Management Platform

Orion is a fully featured Identity Management Platform designed to simplify authentication flows for developers and users.


Intelligent Assistant

Ori is an intelligent user interface platform, that enables developers to build intelligent applications that user's can interact with through conversation.