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Disaster Challenge

In talking with Rev. Ronald Davidson at Gleaning For The World, we have not seen disasters of this magnitude and at this large volume in the last Century.  83% of people that are asked about the church at large say this; “It belongs to someone else and I don’t feel welcome.”  Disaster relief as a church allows us all to see this fact change!  Here’s the biggy- Most of the foundations and non-profits that provide supplies are empty of supplies as fast as they get full in their warehouses.  This is due to the vast need and demand for supplies in Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Georgia, all at the same time.  It could get worse!!!

Here is where we need you.  We need FUNDING more than ever.  We need TEAMS more than ever.  We need SUPPLIES more than ever.  Going forward, it means we will all have to find ways to purchase large loads of supplies at discounted prices.  So, just when you think people are getting back to normal, they are not……..they say the Hurricane season could come on at a strong, strong pace this year which means demand could even be exacerbated going forward.  We must leverage our relationships with philanthropists and givers.  Give today!

Latest Relief News for Ringgold

Current Needs here in Ringgold, GA for Tornado Relief: 

If you are bringing supplies, thank you!  See below to know the latest from our team leaders of what is needed.

  • Tools – especially hammers
  • Button Nails (for tarping roofs)
  • Duct tape
  • Flash lights & batteries
  • Tarps
  • Sanitizer wipes
  • Any type of cleaner, Bleach is good
  • Zip lock bags
  • Personal hygene items, they are running a bit low on these.
  • Pet supplies, dog & cat food, cat litter, pet carriers, dog houses (to loan)
  • Please take bottled and jug water to the Walker County Civic Center.
  • There will be a separate box truck outside to take pet care donations.
Planned hours (so far) to accept donations:
Mon – Thurs 8 AM – 8 PM
Friday  8 AM – 5PM
Sat – Undetermined…Planning on being open for a few hours