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Stories from Tornado Relief

From Chris Showers, one of the Origin Crew:

The Sunday that the church handed out the bags to give out to families of tornado victims Jessica and I took a bunch of bags and never got a chance to meet and hand them out until Monday.  We were both off of work and we made some time to go and hand them out. We met some wonderful people along the way.  I wanted to share with you a couple of stories:

1.  I really felt like there were some houses close to me that could use the help. So after some prayer we went to some of the houses around here. The first house we stopped at was an elderly man who lost his rental house during the storm and was needing all the help he could get…

2.  Ever since the storms, I really have had a burden for one of the houses and the people I knew did not know Christ so I told Jessica that I really wanted to stop at this house and they weren’t home, so, we left a note saying “God Bless You! We Love You and we are praying for you!” We left a few bags on the porch and left.

3.  Then thanks to one guy at one of the houses, we found out we weren’t really that far from Cherokee Valley Road.  We had a few bags left so we went there to finish up. We stopped at a house where the father of the daughter who lost their entire house, was working on a garage while others were working on the house, so we talked to him for about 20-30 mins and had a good coversation about the Lord and how wonderful he is.

4.  And the last but definitely most rewarding: We didn’t receive anything but a blessing from being there. Jessica had a house near her place that she had a burfen for so we took the last two bags there.  It was a couple that has nothing but a big heart. A couple that gives back to others. A couple that will feed 30-40 people on Thanksgiving and Christmas because they have no where else to go. It was so amazing to see that their once garage was now their living space until they get the house completely done.

This is What It’s All About Here in Ringgold

A new friend and sister church partner in Tornado Relief, Brent Harrison, Missions Pastor at Cedarcrest Church in Acworth, GA came to town to go to work this past weekend.   The story below is what and why we are ALL doing what we do during this continued relief effort.  Enjoy their report!
Brent’s Synapsis:
It was very clear that God brought us there to intercede for Dale and Joy Cope and their Kids (Shea and Seth)…I can’t imagine losing your house and your business in the same day, being neglected by insurance and FEMA, and then losing everything else you own to looters over the next several weeks.  Dale confessed he was at his end, and even called his pastor to tell him that he did not think he could carry on…the next day, we showed up at his house!  Not only did we give him hope by seeing his prayers answered for help, but we were able to purchase for him much needed supplies for his home, which just so happened to be nearly the exact number that Cedarcrest Church had given towards the relief efforts.
Here are the videos we created to remind us…
Please continue to be in prayer for Dale and his family as they attempt to put their life and faith back together.  If you would also like to sent them a note of encouragement, scripture or prayer, please send it to…
Dale and Joy Cope
252 Greystone Dr.
Ringgold, GA 30736
A big huge thanksgiving to all the Origin Team and partners around the nation that are allowing and making this relief effort possible!
All the Best,

Why We Do What We Do @ Origin

Ever wondered if there was a method to the madness? Why does Origin Church do silly games, run funny videos, cover popular songs? Why is there a song at the end of the service sometimes or the beginning of the service?  The thoughts below were penned by Andy Stanley and certainly could not be improved upon for us here at Origin…….so enjoy.  Ecclesiastes says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Thanks Andy for formulating this so eloquently for many of us.


There is in fact a template, if you will, of our services. We call it “Rules of Engagement”. This is by no means “the right way” or “the only way”. It’s just “a” way that works for us to reach the person that has never been to church or who has been away from church for awhile.

You’ll notice that this is a funnel. Think of that as you read. We start wide and gradually narrow. You have to cast a wide net in order to get the fish!

I. Pre-Service

It all starts with the pre-service experience from the parking lot, to greeters, to the pre-service music.  We want attenders to feel welcome and comfortable.  We think through what it would feel like to be in their shoes.

II. Opener

In the opener we try and accomplish recognition, common ground (emotion) and fun. Often times this is a song – but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a funny video.  The thought behind this comes from the man, himself, Jesus. In Luke 15:1-6, Jesus finds common ground for both sinner and saint. He strikes an emotion by relating to them with something that has happened to everyone.

III. Welcome

We want to welcome people to our house, not bore them with information they can easily find on the website or watch on the screen.

IV. Singing

At this point, we invite people to sing with us. They may not know the words – so we put them on the screens.  We love to sing about how great our God is!

V.  Baptisms

Although, baptisms do not happen every Sunday, it’s a great way to involve an attender by letting them hear someone else’s story, that may be similar to their own.  No one is perfect, but God’s grace is. This is our time to celebrate growing relationships with Christ!

VI. Special

A special song about the message rarely happens because it has to create (not solve) tension. It has to set up the message. Sometimes, there is that perfect song that is the perfect set up for the speaker and it’s a great tool to use to narrow the focus even more.

VII. Message

This is where we begin to challenge people and hopefully inspire life change. It may be uncomfortable, but hopefully they are more open to hearing or listening because they were made comfortable by the very 1st step they took out of their car almost 45 minutes ago.

VIII. Closer

This is a song that punctuates the message. Often it is a popular song you have heard on the radio.  Sometimes, it is a worship song.

Obviously there’s a lot more detail that I have left out like song order and even a funnel within the funnel for the message.

-Andy Stanley

Relocating and Partnering with Hamilton Place YMCA

This Sunday, Easter Sunday, is our last Sunday at The Ringgold Depot……..it’s a beautiful venue and one that God has used in our young church life.  We are out of children’s space and we certainly are excited that God has orchestrated this new relationship with our new friends at the Y.

Wow, what a preliminary beginning it has already been…….new friends, new staff meetings with them, and out of the box projects that we will partner together on in the days to come. Now this is what it’s all about; each taking the leverage they have, bringing it together with another organization of like mind, who will also use the leverage they have, to advance the ball down the field for people’s lives and God’s Kingdom.

It all starts at the Y on April 11 at a brand new time, 10:00 AM.

Big News!

Origin Church is RELOCATING to the HAMILTON MALL YMCA. This will happen sometime in April and until then, we will continue to meet at the Ringgold Depot. We will keep you posted every step of the way.

The “vision” continues to be enlarged and we are excited to influence more lives for the Kingdom of God! It has been an amazing journey as we have seen God use Origin to reach people who are hurting, disconnected, and dis-interested in church. We have seen God bring people who are struggling with addictions, struggling with their marriages, and people who have not been in church in years. We have seen God radically save people from their sins.

With that said we are seeing God open up doors for Origin to reach more people in a greater populated growing area of Chattanooga. We must continue to be sensitive to God’s leading every step of the way.

Here are some cool talking points about the move:

  • This is a phenomenal Y facility from start to finish.
  • The relocation gives us all the space that we need to grow our family ministry (0-18) which is one of our core values; indoor double-decker playground for the kids and an amazing built-in nursery. We have been out of space since we launched Origin.
  • There are approximately 3500 family units (3.2 in a family) which means we have an instant 10,000 people to influence at this particular YMCA.
  • 300,000 unchurched people are within driving distance of the Y.
  • This new location gives us the best opportunity to sustain the church for the future.
  • Chattanooga is listed in USA today as the one of the top places to retire and one of the top places to live. Every day Chattanooga sees new families moving to Chattanooga for a better overall quality of life. Origin Church can be a major part of influencing this growth for Jesus Christ.
  • With the addition of Volkswagen coming to East Chattanooga, and the potential of 15,000 new jobs, strategists are predicting that Chattanooga, over the next 10 years, will become the next Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • If you have already been driving to Origin Church, from exit 348 (Ringgold exit) to the Shallowford Rd. exit at the mall, is ONLY 10 minutes more for your drive.

Here’s the question: What would you do and how far would you go, to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Remember, church should be attended out of conviction, and never convenience! We’ve got a lot of work to do to design an incredible experience for people to enjoy from the moment they arrive……….come use your gifts and talents and help us do this!