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10 Days Away From Launch

It’s an interesting journey of feeling and faith, for sure.  I can tell you, that we are tired of planning…I can tell you it has been exhilirating getting to this point…I can tell you it’s the toughest work any person would ever do…I can tell you there’s not enough hours in a day…I can tell you that it must be a venture initiated by God, or it’s insanity…I can tell you (quoting my friend Kristin Avery) that if it’s just for one family and we only stayed one month, God would want us to give it the extra effort we have given it…I can tell you that is true…I can tell you unless God breaths on it, we’re sunk…I can tell you God has given us a great team…I can tell you God has ways…I can tell you we’ve done most all we can do at this point, so now we surrender…I can tell you we can’t wait for launch day…I can tell you it will be worth it all!!!!!

Schedule For Launch Weeks

As we get ready to launch on April 5, we need everybody to mark their calendars for the following:

Sunday, March 29- Launch Team Planning Meeting- 6:00 p.m. @ The Ringgold Depot
March 30-April 3- Put our Road Signs all over the area for launch day (it will take all of us)
Friday, April 3- Set up Depot for Sunday- 7:00 p.m. (if you can come earlier, please let us know)
Saturday, April 4- Set up Depot for Sunday- 9:00 a.m. until Noon
Saturday, April 4- ALL VOLUNTEERS TRAINING- 3:00 p.m.
(Early dinner provided, to follow)
Sunday, April 5- LAUNCH ORIGIN CHURCH!!!
8:00 a.m. – Call Time for Production Team
9:30 a.m- All volunteers arrive and check-in (pick up volunteer lanyard/badge)
Saturday, April 11- Helicopter Easter Egg Drop @ Ringgold High School (sponsored by Origin)
Sunday, April 12- Easter Sunday
8:00 a.m.- Call Time for Production Team
9:30 a.m.- All volunteers arrive and check-in (pick up volunteer lanyard/badge)

Let’s get excited! God has allowed us ALL to be a part of history in launching one of HIS new church environments. Very few times in a life, does this happen. I pray God use us ALL to our greatest gifted potential. If you will, over the next few weeks, let’s fast and pray together. Choose a meal or something you love to do and fast from it for the next two weeks and let’s watch God work!!!

Will It Be a Success?

Many have been praying for us and with us for a successful launch.  Good question.  This question helps us really define success for this baby church.  Here is success for us:  To see a life changed for Jesus and added value to one person.  I love Kristin Avery’s statement: “If it were for just one family and you only stayed one month, I believe God would have you  go to all the effort you are going to.”  For the first service, we have one goal: to encourage everyone who attends to come back!  That means the music and speaking needs to be dead-on, the environments have to be welcoming, the signage clear, the technical aspects complimentary, and the children safe and loved.  While we will always have room to improve, I think we can accomplish these goals.  Chrystina Fincher will be leading worship on April 5.  She’s fabulous!  She’s a natural!  Join us!

Coming Down The Stretch NEEDS To Launch

Wow, it’s almost here, the launch of Origin Church.  If you will, take a look at the following list of things we need to create a pretty awesome environment for children and adults on launch day……………..if you can help or know someone who might donate some of the items below, we would be grateful!!!  We must move quickly!  We realize this does not guarantee any growth to a church or demonstrate success, however, we would love to be able to launch Origin Church first-class and with excellence.  If not, we press on!

Sound & Lighting (company to set up and produce)      $2,000

Printing                                                                       $1,200

Road Signs (100)                                                          $395

Balloons (1500 for Children’s Easter Egg Drop)              $800

Easter Egg Drop for Entire City of Ringgold                    $3,000

Origin T-Shirts                                                              $650

Propresenter Media Software                                        $300

Food for Volunteers                                                      $300

Pipe and Drape                                                            $800

Lanyards                                                                      $200

Email Blast for Marketing                                               $595

Direct Mail            (70,000 pieces)                               $6,900

U-Haul Truck                                                               $4,000

Hazer Machine                                                             $200

2 Flat Screen Monitors for Stage                                   $300

In-ear monitor system                                                  $900

10 LED lights for staging                                             $2,000

Drum Risers                                                                   $800                                                                                           

Photographer for Launch Day

Videographer for Launch Day

2 Way Radios                                                               $1,150

Dimmer Pack for Par Cans                                            $200

(2) Table Skirts                                                            $150

Coffee Carafes                                                              $300

Signage                                                                        $1,800

Portable Children’s Ministry                                           $5,200

Plexiglass Drum Shield                                                   $450

(20) Plastic Storage Containers                                       $300

Connection Power Software                                           $300


Total                                                                               $35,190


If you would like to send any of the above items, please email us for physical address at shanecravenwsc@aol.com.  Thank you in advance!  You can also give online right here!!

Just About Done

We should be releasing, in the next few days, our RSVP for you to use to send to your friends that do not have a facebook.  This will be really helpful for us as we ask you to help spread the word so we can better plan for our launch day.  In other words, The Ringgold Depot seats 220 people.  If we see that we are climbing close to that, then we are standing ready and able to announce two services on that day………….so, I’ll be back to you asap, with the link of an RSVP that, if you will, you can send over to your friends, acquaintances, and family, that live in the Chattanooga-Ringgold- Dalton, GA area!  Thank you, in advance!

Didn’t Realize

We will post a new link soon for you to use to invite your friends via email to RSVP for the launch of Origin Church.  I didn’t realize you could not RSVP on the facebook page if you do not have a facebook account.  Stay posted.  You can help us by spreading the word, sharing links and times, etc. for launch day.  Thanks in advance!

The Final 60 Days

Our calendar timelines are being drawn, the purchase of portable products begins, the team is pulling all the pieces together, and we are getting ready…………………We still need a lot, but God knows!  I heard someone say, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.”   And so, we loosely hold to our plan here, and listen for His.  We’re ready for audibles, at any turn!  By the time we launch on April 5, we would have spent close to 20 months in preparation.  Amazingly, we still wonder if it’s enough, but, it’s time to launch!  There are people out there who need what we’re “giving.”  “God, give us favor and wisdom to stay focused on YOU, and not the actual launching of a church.  Thank you for the great team of volunteers that have been a part since August.  We pray you begin to let the world know what you’re doing, somehow, someway.  We’re available.”

How Can You Help At Origin?

We launch Sunday, April 5, @ 10:30 at The Ringgold Depot  (see originchurch.tv for map)!  How can you help?  To pull this off, we need about 60 volunteers.  Volunteer as a “missionary” or as a mission-trip team.  Stay as long or as little as you need to!  It will help!  Origin Church is fueled by amazing volunteers…people who leverage their time, talents and energy into serving others and building the Kingdom.  We have a fabulous team of about 20 volunteers at current.  If you’re interested in serving in one of these areas, just email jeffg@originchurch.tv and he will connect you with the right person.

    Guest Services Team (greeters, ushers, coffee) – 20 people

    Production – 10 people

    Preschool – 15 people

    Elementary – 10 people

    Kids Check In – 5 people

    Setup and Tear Down – 7 people