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Reality of Hell

I think we’ve seen hell go by the wayside in American life and throughout the world.  Basically and unfortunately, God’s word still holds in tow this ugly place for those who have never received Jesus Christ and surrendered their lives to him.  I wish we could see more people deny hell, but we don’t.  We see the numbers rise every year for people who will go to hell after death, due to the fact that the population continues to increase and the culture continues to be bored and fed up with church, the very body who can help direct them to the safe and eternal place- the arms of Jesus Christ.

The only reason I ever got started in ministry was because of an 11th grade (1982) epiphany that I remember having, that involved one of my best friends in the world, Chris Pritchett and me, and the realness that we would be used by God in some way, the rest of our lives.  We cared about the eternal state of people (still do) and I felt and knew then that God would desire to use us both to impact and add value to lives, the rest of our life.  That has happened!  Chris has been in the ministry now for over 20 years and has been a senior pastor for 12 years of that;  I, too, have been in the ministry for over 20 years.  The journey continues……the call continues…..we’re in for strict obedience….there’s no money in this work….there’s no ease in this work…..24/7 hours in this work….there is amazing reward in this work….there is a large amount of exhiliration in this work!  We’re out there for YOU!

5 Losses

Over the last 10 days, five of our close friends have seen loved ones pass from this life to another……..Public thoughts, prayers, and lots of love out to The Stilwell’s in the loss of Mike’s dad, The Fossett’s in the loss of Amy’s dad, The LeGree’s in the loss of a dear family friend, The Wilson’s in the loss of Tuesday’s 30 year old brother, and The Champion’s in the loss of Jason’s 35 year old brother. 

Death helps us re-focus on what’s really important.  Death is a ticket somewhere; if Christ is your leader and forgiver, to His place.  If Christ is not your leader and forgiver, to Mr. Red Man’s place.  I love what Rob Bell says in Velvet Elvis, “Questions bring freedom; freedom that I don’t have to be God and I don’t have to pretend that I have it all figured out.  I can let God be God.  When everything gets answered, it’s fake.  The mystery is the truth.”