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Life-Changing Days & Times

As we enter a Friday, which happens to be a “good” one in the life of a believer, you can rest assured that you most likely have been in-grained with some inconsistencies about God’s desire(s) for you.  I find that in speaking to friends all over the world, that we ALL have a tainted view of God therefore resulting in a tainted view throughout life.

Here’s what I mean:  If you look at God the wrong way, you look at events, change, tragedy, downturns, fiascos, rough times, and bad news the wrong way.  So, we must change the way we see God and the way we understand that He sees us.

The ONLY thing we are defined by is this weekends celebrated event:  The CROSS and The RESURRECTION!  That means that since Jesus Christ died for you, He loves you forever, regardless, unconditionally, and NOTHING can change that. And, since one of our greatest needs in this life is to be accepted, then mark it down, YOU are accepted by the most lovable and lovingly-perfected person in all the universe- Jesus Christ, REGARDLESS.  You don’t have to earn that because you can’t!

I read a statement recently that said, “Your circumstances may change you, but they don’t have to reduce you.”  YES! Don’t let them.  You are still the same person, striving to be in God’s will, striving to do great things, striving to take care of your family, striving to do it right, striving to get back up after you fall, and, IF, you follow Christ as your Savior, you are going to spend forever in eternity with HIM.

The resurrection (the fact that HE raised Himself from the dead after 3 days) proves His strength, His love for you, and His ability to move in any situation you are experiencing right now.  Here’s our main challenge:  We don’t really believe He exists; we do, but we don’t.  To most He’s a mental crutch.  But when you walk and talk with Him as if He is a friend, things change.

One of two people are reading this today:

1.  If you don’t follow Christ as leader and forgiver of your life-  Then, go to church somewhere that will lead you to Him this weekend.  Begin a fresh new life, THIS weekend- new thought-life, new direction, move somewhere, change jobs, and renew your commitment to your family and start over.

2.  If you do follow Christ as leader and forgiver of your life- As you worship the risen Lord this weekend, begin again, start-over with new thoughts, new relationships, new directions, new energy, etc. etc. etc.  Go make some changes and leave Sunday a different person.  “Joy really does come in the morning” every morning because it indicates that you woke up and found yourself alive which means God still has a plan for YOU!

It’s a NEW day for me!!!  I’ve decided!!!!

Easter Sunday

  • The first ever Origin Church Easter was awesome!
  • Our Family Ministry area is strong, strong for Origin!  We had more kids than we did on launch.  Kudos to all the volunteer team led by Chip Clark.  Amazing group of people who realize that 0-19 are our priority!
  • We set up on Sunday morning early for the first time.  Launch weekend, we took our time over two days.  We were nervous but it came out great.  We set up in about 2 hours.  We are looking for volunteers who feel a call to load/in and load/out each Sunday.  This could very well be the most important team on campus each Sunday. NOTHING would happen without them!  Email us at jeffg@originchurch.tv if you are ready to go!
  • A special shout-out to our launch team who began this journey with us back in August.  You have stayed the course and have been faithful to the end.  It was so awesome seeing musicians that weren’t “on” Sunday out working the parking ministry, setting up chairs, and doing whatever it took.  It’s so nice for us all to realize that life is just too short to sit and continue soaking up a sermon;  let’s go live one!
  • There is an energy flowing around Ringgold/Chattanooga like I haven’t witnessed in years!
  • For all of you that have attended the first two Sundays of Origin, thank you!  We are loving getting to know all of you.  We can’t wait to get to know you all better.  Keep coming and get ready!
  • We have real need of our own U-haul truck for our equipment;  cost about $3,000 if you have interest.  Otherwise, we load twice, and unload twice each week into our warehouse.  Exhausting!  Pray, if you will.
  • We still can’t get over 5,000 people at our helicopter easter egg drop where we partnered with the Ringgold Downtown Business Partners.  Unbelievable!
  • Amazing crowd at our second official service!  Lots of first time guests.
  • We had people begin a new relationship with Jesus Christ; what it’s all about!
  • God moved during the film clip from The Passion of the Christ.
  • We had some glitches we didn’t have the first week in production.  If there were a perfect day, Murphy’s Law would still occur, unless we were in heaven.
  • We are loving reading the comments on facebook about peoples’ experience at Origin.  What encouragement!
  • We are already planning series number 2 and 3;  Excited about them both!
  • So many pastor friends who had amazing Easter Sunday’s;  hooray for God, not our individual churches!  Add us all together; are we advancing the kingdom?
  • Proud of Jeff Gonzalez for coming alongside of me early on last year.
  • My wife, Kim, has been a superstar in helping Origin launch and sustain.
  • Our launch team who are doing the bulk of the volunteering have become family.  We really hope all of you attending Origin will volunteer too.  We don’t need another message; we need to learn to feed ourselves and add value to others.