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Notes from Catalyst One Day

Craig Groeschel

  • You will face multiple challenging seasons in your ministry
  • Churches tend to like to settle into what’s comfortable
  • If it was just a little tweak, you would have done that a long time ago
  • What got us to this point won’t get us to where we want to go
  • You have to think different if you have kids
  • If you are not generous, your people won’t be
  • When you model it, your people start to do it
  • Model being close friends with an alcoholic and your people will become friends with them too
  • What died 5 years ago, but you keep doing it?
  • Church Planters: You will be tempted to hire or get volunteers for where you are today and not where you want to be tomorrow
  • God often guides by what He does not provide (Peter….”silver and gold…”)
  • The difference in where you are and where God wants you to be is the pain you’ve been avoiding
  • Set up a system in your church before people “fall.”
  • You can get people to serve if:
  1. You honor them- Gifts, gift cards, banquets in their honor
  2. The ask is important- tap into their desire to be needed and known.  Ask them, “Do you want to use your gifts to make a difference?”
  3. Would you do this for 3 months and then we’ll re-look at it?
  4. Big Pushes- Do throughout the year.
  • Lead according to your values not the pressure of what others expect
  • We are asking every adult to serve every Sunday morning

Book List

The following book list is a list of books that have changed my whole line of thinking and look at life over the last 20 months.

1.  The Secret Things of God- Henry Cloud
2.  3 Seconds- Les Parrott
3.  Confessions of a Pastor- Craig Groeschel
4.  Reposition Yourself- T.D. Jakes
5.  The Laws of Thinking- Bishop E. Bernard Jordan
6.  Little Black Book of Connections- Jeffrey Gitomer
7.  Mindset- John Naisbitt
8.  How Come Every Time I Get Stabbed in the Back, My Fingerprints Are On the Knife?- Jerry Harvey
9.  A Renegades Guide To God- David Foster
10.  Tribes- Seth Godin
11.  Become A Better You- Joel Osteen
12.  Good To Great in God’s Eyes- Ingram
13.  4 Hour Work Week- Tim Ferriss
14.  The 4:8 Principle- Tommy Newberry
15.  Thank You Power- Deborah Norville
16.  Purple Cow- Seth Godin
17.  Your Love Path- Joe Beam
18.  The Shack- William Young
19.  It- Craig Groeschel
20.  In A Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day- Mark Batterson

Fabricated Followers of Christ

Psychologically, did you know that most people have a belief system that someone else gave them?  In other words, they were programmed in such a way, good or bad, that as they grow, they just practice other peoples’ personal convictions (I could give you a list) out of habit and because of what others will think about them.  Most decisions people make are made based upon if someone you know “heard” or “found out.”  We need to drill down into what we believe, personally, and what God has already written to US, and ask ourselves WHY we believe and behave the way we do, and then go out and make decisions that track with His plan; no one else’s! It doesn’t matter what people (Only God) think!  They don’t think about you the way you perceive them to, anyway!  They’re living their lives. They haven’t thought of you in months.  Most of what you would call friends in the ministry, for example, are not friends……..they’re acquaintances, just like in the corporate world.  If you don’t think so, you are in gross denial. It’s just an invisible perception that they are peering over your shoulder all the time and that they really “care” about you.  They don’t!  The only forever-friends you and I have can be counted on half-a-hand.

I know pastors and believers that act, preach, and lead exactly like they were taught out of the textbook or the mentor classroom…….they don’t think for themselves, speak for who they are, or lead based on the innards of their being.  They’re not being TRUE to themselves.  I’ve been guilty of this myself.  This is where mentoring and teaching can hurt a person: They never filter what they learn down through the DNA matrix of who they are made to be-think-lead-create, thereby, resulting in an eventual crash of productivity.  On top of that, we become an expert in the “plastics” industry.

As an old, wise gentlemen once told me, your best and most productive work will happen between 40 and 60.  So, here’s my challenge: Why don’t you take some time to reinvent yourself, the real YOU, and come back to the calling of your life with more gusto than you’ve ever experienced in your life?  Think for yourself, dream for yourself, create for yourself, speak based on your own giftedness, reach out and into places God leads you regardless if it means walking in a liquor store to do servant evangelism…..stop the concern for what people will think about you.  

Last caveat-  there’s a lot of trust and responsibility that God requires of you, WHEN, He reveals these things to you.

Borrow A Page

That’s exactly what University of Florida football coach Urban Meyer said after the BCS championship; “We may borrow a page from Oklahoma’s offense.”  That’s exactly what we do in the ministry as leaders; I’ve done it all my life!  I’m still working hard putting all the ingredients together that will result in the best formula for my particular call and giftedness. Remember, Ecclesiastes says, “There’s nothing new under the sun.”  As a leader our job is to figure out God’s plan for OUR particular ministry.  You will have components from a lot of different ministries, but one YOU.  That means that we borrow a page here, borrow a page there and before you know it, we have a formula for what God has called US to do.  Be sure and not borrow the whole playbook from someone else.  You are uniquely “created in the image of God” and your personal influence is needed to affect change for a large percentage of people that no one else can influence in this world.


In this day of a church planting movement, planters often seem to get all the accolades for fast growth, large numbers, and tons of baptisms.  No doubt, God has moved in some places.  I would like to caution us to remember that it’s easier to launch a church and have fundraising as your major challenge versus taking an established church and having to overcome tradition as your major challenge.  Do you realize the skill, expertise, hudzpah, determination, tenacity, leadership ability, and guts it takes to stand strong and navigate through challenging deacon bodies, trustees, and set-in-their-way, white-sock/brown shoe mentality?  It’s tough!  It’ll take years off your life.  Try it sometime!  On top of that, you so often look like a hijacker of the church, a sniper knocking people off, and the bad guy, for simply obeying Jesus.

The Charles Stanley’s, Johnny Hunt’s, Ike Reighard’s, James Merritt’s, Ed Young Sr.’s, Larry Wynn’s, Ronnie Floyd’s, and Matt Chandler’s deserve to be thought of often, in this day of “everybody” test driving the shiny new car of church planting.  These guys are Warrrrhorses!  You know why so many plant? Because it’s too tough for them to go through the bloodshed to turn a church around, or even attempt to, for that matter.  Take a look at the outcome of these churches that were once down, but now up!  Major stuff here!

You’ll find out soon enough that neither is to be signed up for lightly…both must be signed up for by calling ONLY!  If not, the road will come to an end, because you will quit!

Andy Crouch and Matt Chandler at Catalyst 2008

Andy Crouch

  • Culture change starts with 3 people. Look at Google.  A small group can maintain the suspension of impossibility.
  • Then, they draw in 12.  They bring more depth and new resources.
  • Then, you draw in 120.  They all care about the vision.  They bring a “get it done” mentality.
  • All of us have a 3, who creates something. 
  • We can create something that no one else can create, and if you don’t do it, it will be left undone in this world.
  • Don’t bet against the 3 who can touch a town.

 Matt Chandler

  • If you’re using Jesus to grow a big church, then you’re an idolater.
  • You can preach with command and not be a jerk.

Tim Sanders and Dave Ramsey Catalyst 2008

Tim Sanders

  • God will hold you in kindness and compassion for what you TRIED to do in this life.

 Dave Ramsey

  • By definition, gossip is when a negative is discussed with anyone who can’t help solve the problem.  Gossip is on the same list in the Bible as adultery.
  • There is a spirit of fear in America regarding our financial situation.  When you operate in fear, you make bad decisions.
  • The financial challenge in America is an artificial low driven by emotion.
  • After 9-11, the market came back in 57 days.  (it had dropped 14%)
  • 9 out of 10 times the market has ever fallen, it has come back strong in two years. (upwards of 32%)
  • If you pull out your 401K, five years from now you’re gonna feel really dumb.


Craig Groeschel at Catalyst 2008

Craig Groeschel

  • The “it” factor.  I don’t know what “it” is, but I’m pretty sure “it” has something to do with the Holy Spirit, but not ALL spirits.
  • God makes “it” happen.  You can’t create “it.”
  • “It” is not a model or a system.
  • “It” has an upside;  lives are changed forever.
  • “It” has a downside; “It” attracts critics.  “It” happens.
  • If you have “it” there is no guarantee that you are going to keep “it.”
  • Good news is, if you don’t have “it” you can get “it.”
  • More important than anything; you must have “it.”
  • I submitted myself to counseling .  I needed help.  I’m addicted to pleasing people and I’m addicted to adrenaline.  That is idolatry.  Now, before I speak, I take one step forward and step out of Craig Groeschel and into speaking for God.
  • You can be so far from God and no one knows it.
  • 5 million children under the age of 5 will die of starvation this year.
  • Leaders need to get over thinking they cannot feel hurt or pain.  Let God ruin you, heal you, and stretch you.  (you must actually hear him speak about ruin; amazing!)