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Launch News!

Well, after finally digging out from a very busy and eventful launch weekend, I shall write some summaries for us all:

  1. April 5 concluded 20 months of preparation for this new church launch.
  2. We rented our U-Haul truck on Friday and rolled in to the Ringgold Depot late afternoon.  Set up all night.  
  3. Came back on Saturday, finished up details.  Our Family Ministry area came together so great via Dewitt & Cindy Hughes.  (without them, where would we have been?)
  4. Our team began arriving about 7:30 Sunday morning.  I personally felt refreshed and excited…..everything looked great!  
  5. When the band started coming together for rehearsal, the energy began to flow.  Chrystina Fincher led us!  Amazing!  Great to have her husband Jayce on the bass guitar, and all the boys in the band.  
  6. Media:  Jordan, my son, hit the ball out of the park!  The presentation was beautiful and came off without a hitch.  The Light team of Melonie (my daughter) and Ethan made it feel just right.
  7. ALL our volunteers:  What can we say?  They came from Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, Ohio, Louisiana, and Tennessee. A special shout-out to Justin DeWeese and Awaken Church  (launching August) for his team of volunteers.  This is what it’s all about.  And, last but not least, all the Origin Launch Team finally saw the dream become reality.  We had been meeting since August and the day finally came.  EVERY volunteer is special and realizes that they can use their gift, their touch to advance God’s kingdom.  I really believe we all know that we don’t need a sermon to feed us Jesus, but we need to go to work with all we already know.  WE learn to feed ourselves.  
  8. We were done in 1 hour.  Great response and over 230 people on the property.  I hesitate to mention the number because I’m an advocate for the description of any person or organization’s value being in “who we are” not “what” or “how many” we have, but for the sake of a benchmark of where we go from here, there you have it.  
  9. I felt the presence of God. We did a little bit of everything in worship: 
  • Opener: Life is a Highway (Rascal Flatts)
  • How Great Thou Art (Amazing Rockin’ version)
  • Mighty to Save
  • You Are My King

God, indeed, is doing something.  We’re not sure how, when, where, and what, but we know He’s initiating and directing us to stay on course to provide this love for the unlovable, come as you are church, with good news!  We press on, tired, overwhelmed, and grateful!  

  • Next Saturday:  Big Easter Egg drop at Ringgold High School right out of a helicopter………… there, 9:30 a.m.!  Sunday worship at 10:30!  
  • We need new volunteers, in a big way, for next Sunday!  Can you help?  Email Jeff Gonzalez at or Chip Clark at

Thank you!  Wow, the different emotions we are all experiencing!

For Other Planters

As we journey in to 3 days and counting, I notice a gentle peace in my heart.  We’ve had all the 20 months of preparation, planning, praying, visioncasting, launch-team building, and now it’s time to deliver the baby.  If it begins as HIS idea, then it launches as HIS idea, and the results are HIS.  It’s refreshing.  I remember times in ministry when what I was doing was man-made, manufactured, or made to happen.  It’s no fun, however, when you take a step back, submit to HIS initiation, you feel a sense of riding on the top of the wing…..some very interesting emotions as we launch this Sunday.  One thing is really evident here in NW Georgia/Chattanooga: The church planters in our area are fabulous guys!  What a team of kingdom builders….so refreshing…..every one of their heart’s gives off the scent of the advancement of God’s kingdom.  Every one of us will do it a little differently, but then again, shouldn’t we?  There is no DNA of a person exactly alike in this world, therefore, it takes every leader to do their part to advance God’s plan.  What a mission!  I like what we say at Growing Healthy Churches, every person is a starter on God’s team!  Just find your best place!

6 Days Away From Launch

We had a great, final launch team meeting last night……the energy was high, the spirit of God moved in, and the emotion of out team coming together for a calling such as this is overwhelming.  We all feel privileged to be a part of something of this magnitude.  It’s rare in a lifetime that anyone helps plant and launch a new church, especially one that has decided to laser focus on somehow, someway, creating an environment(s) that connect with unreached people.  We need God’s help in so many ways!  Thanks in advance!

10 Days Away From Launch

It’s an interesting journey of feeling and faith, for sure.  I can tell you, that we are tired of planning…I can tell you it has been exhilirating getting to this point…I can tell you it’s the toughest work any person would ever do…I can tell you there’s not enough hours in a day…I can tell you that it must be a venture initiated by God, or it’s insanity…I can tell you (quoting my friend Kristin Avery) that if it’s just for one family and we only stayed one month, God would want us to give it the extra effort we have given it…I can tell you that is true…I can tell you unless God breaths on it, we’re sunk…I can tell you God has given us a great team…I can tell you God has ways…I can tell you we’ve done most all we can do at this point, so now we surrender…I can tell you we can’t wait for launch day…I can tell you it will be worth it all!!!!!

Schedule For Launch Weeks

As we get ready to launch on April 5, we need everybody to mark their calendars for the following:

Sunday, March 29- Launch Team Planning Meeting- 6:00 p.m. @ The Ringgold Depot
March 30-April 3- Put our Road Signs all over the area for launch day (it will take all of us)
Friday, April 3- Set up Depot for Sunday- 7:00 p.m. (if you can come earlier, please let us know)
Saturday, April 4- Set up Depot for Sunday- 9:00 a.m. until Noon
Saturday, April 4- ALL VOLUNTEERS TRAINING- 3:00 p.m.
(Early dinner provided, to follow)
Sunday, April 5- LAUNCH ORIGIN CHURCH!!!
8:00 a.m. – Call Time for Production Team
9:30 a.m- All volunteers arrive and check-in (pick up volunteer lanyard/badge)
Saturday, April 11- Helicopter Easter Egg Drop @ Ringgold High School (sponsored by Origin)
Sunday, April 12- Easter Sunday
8:00 a.m.- Call Time for Production Team
9:30 a.m.- All volunteers arrive and check-in (pick up volunteer lanyard/badge)

Let’s get excited! God has allowed us ALL to be a part of history in launching one of HIS new church environments. Very few times in a life, does this happen. I pray God use us ALL to our greatest gifted potential. If you will, over the next few weeks, let’s fast and pray together. Choose a meal or something you love to do and fast from it for the next two weeks and let’s watch God work!!!