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5 Days Away

We ask that you really pray for God to move and allow us an “easy yoke” this week.  Our team is very excited and the emotions in all of us are high, in many ways.  We have a number of needs as we come down this stretch.  If you are praying about or thinking about partnering with us, now is the time.  We have a lot of potential partners out there but “in waiting” for whatever reason, and we need your help, especially in this 11th hour.  So, pray and help, if you can.  You can give right here online;  just click on the bar to the right of this blog.  Thanks in advance!

*If you would like to purchase items for our kids ministry, you can do it direct right here:  If you do, let us know via email and we’ll send you a mailing address.


In planting a new church, I’ve discovered there are some common misconceptions worth “busting:”

1. Myth: Outside friends and organizations cover all expenses for the first couple of years.
Fact: There are a few visionary families around the U.S. who will partner with launching churches like ours serious enough to leverage their own relationships, time, and resources. They are generous, to be sure, but there is a limit to their resources.

2. Myth: God would never allow a new church to close.
Fact: 80% of new church plants do not make it.  Number one reason?  Underfunding.  Others and the local church body have to be ready to make huge sacrifices to make it work.

3. Myth: Staff salaries at Origin are paid by individuals and other organizations.
Fact: Each staff member at Origin depends on the generous giving of this local church to provide for their family and if that funding is not available, they have to raise their own support from outside sources and generous friends, and/or work another job to make it all work.

4. Myth: A handful of generous benefactors are all that are needed to sustain the church.
Fact: That would not be healthy for the church or for the benefactor.

5. Myth: My tithe doesn’t make that much of a difference.
Fact: It makes a huge difference in your spiritual life and in the financial health of our church. If we had 75 families at Origin tithing 10%, we would not need any additional funding!

6. Myth: Now that we’re about to be up and running, our environments are relatively inexpensive to maintain.
Fact: Much of our equipment is rented, or leased-to-own. Our ongoing expenses for equipment, facilities, and personnel run about $30,000 per month. Holding services every Sunday will increase that number.

We would love to have you join us on this journey! It’s been exciting to see a number of families make commitments to join this journey and we’re looking forward to a strong 2009. Please consider what you might be able to give!

A Generous Origin Church

I love the thought of developing a culture of generosity in our church.  There’s no doubt that God is calling us as Christ-followers to share what we have.  Sometimes that means giving to the local church, sometimes that means giving to the world’s poor through incredible organizations around the world, and sometimes that means giving as a church toward strategic church initiatives around the country and around the world.

Before we even launched Origin, one of the written goals for the church was “a culture of generosity.” I want to be surrounded with people that see the world as bigger than themselves.

Kim and I decided a long time ago, from the beginning, that Church would be the number one financial priority for our family. I can’t ask anyone else to be generous if we don’t lead the way.  And you know what?  Sometimes it hurts. But God has been faithful and we have been blessed more than ever this past year by others being generous to us. It’s amazing what happens when you recognize that all you have came from God in the first place and trust him to take care of your financial future!

Dave Ramsey on Practices

Dear Dave,

As a Christian, I always give to my church. I was wondering if you think it’s okay to also give to local causes, such as animal shelters, scholarship funds and other things.

Dear Annie,
Certainly, it’s okay. I think people should give to lots of different things if they’ve been blessed.

As a Christian, you probably know that you’re called to tithe. That means one-tenth of your income – off the top and before anything else – should go to your church. Beyond that, anything you give is an offering, which is over and above the tithe.

When it comes to offerings, our family picks several ministries and non-profit organizations around the community and gives generously to them rather than sending small amounts to more places.

Giving is a lot more than just moving money from your wallet to the collection plate or a charity. It’s a matter of caring, and realizing there are others who are less fortunate than you. Give freely of your money AND your time and talents, Annie. The more people you help, the more joy you will experience!

Launch Team Generosity

This goes out to our launch teamers and their GENEROSITY these 5 months!  Everybody is beginning to tithe and give, already, and this is the kind of culture of generosity this church will be founded upon.  I can tell you, God has special plans in store for you and it’s not at all, what Origin Church wants FROM you, but what God will do FOR you, because of your generosity!  So, here at the end of 5 months of launch team meetings, we say, “Yeah God and yeah team!”  Let’s celebrate!!!

“Every act of God is an act of lavish generosity.  He gives freely, fully, graciously, and without measure.  He is a giver, not a taker.  Generosity means living life with our hands open, generously giving away the truth, time, talent, and treasure that God has so graciously entrusted to us.”  -Fellowship Bible Church, Brentwood, TN

Trying to Help

It’s been our pleasure this Christmas season at Origin Church to respond in generosity to a big need for a former Georgia State Highway Patrolman who lost his home two Sundays ago to a fire, while his family was attending church.  As we give, God lives more deeply inside all of us.  It always feels good to walk vicariously in someone else’s shoes.  Lift up this family this Christmas…it could have been you!

Shopping the Origin Catalog

We set out on this venture trusting and placing faith.  There are so many out there looking for a great place to invest in God’s work; this is ONE of them:

You can help us make a difference even though you might not be able to be here physically.  All of the catalog is needed to make the biggest impact.  Only God can bless something like this and bring it to fruition…the good news is, He uses us!  Don’t miss an opportunity!