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Tim Sanders and Dave Ramsey Catalyst 2008

Tim Sanders

  • God will hold you in kindness and compassion for what you TRIED to do in this life.

 Dave Ramsey

  • By definition, gossip is when a negative is discussed with anyone who can’t help solve the problem.  Gossip is on the same list in the Bible as adultery.
  • There is a spirit of fear in America regarding our financial situation.  When you operate in fear, you make bad decisions.
  • The financial challenge in America is an artificial low driven by emotion.
  • After 9-11, the market came back in 57 days.  (it had dropped 14%)
  • 9 out of 10 times the market has ever fallen, it has come back strong in two years. (upwards of 32%)
  • If you pull out your 401K, five years from now you’re gonna feel really dumb.


Updates for a Monday

Pre-Launch Team Meetings-  We are having a great team of people gather for launch team meetings every other Wednesday.  You guys are a fabulous and diversified group of talented, gifted, creative, and visionary people!  Thank you all for journeying with us.  We have coffee and dessert, share the vision, and enjoy some great community together as new friends.  There such a spirit of authenticity and transparency in this group.  It’s so refreshing!  We will step it up a notch in Novemeber with a city-wide “pre-launch party” for a larger group to come and hear the vision.  Pray for our team that we would have wisdom and favor to influence people to come who don’t like church, and find their way back to God.

Location-  We have secured our meeting location downtown at the restored and beautiful, Ringgold Depot.  The Ringgold Depot is an historic building that dates back to the civil war.  It has been renovated into a concert-dinner venue.  It seats about 300 people.  Kim and I walked in this building while travelling to Georgia in the summer of 2007 and knew it was the perfect place with perfect history and atmosphere for a new church launch.  God has worked it all out!  Downtown Ringgold is a pristine little town conveniently situated just down the road from the growing part of Chattanooga, Ooltewah, and I-75.  We are excited about the opportunity to work with the city of Ringgold.

First Event to Serve the Community-  We are passionate about the aspect of serving our community.  Our first event opportunity to show our care starts this weekend at the scary Haunted House Depot for the city of Ringgold.  We will hand out thousands of balloons, wear our Origin t-shirts, and just care for people.  We are expectant of a great relationship with our city.  I recently had the chance to meet our city manager, Dan Wright, and he showed me around city hall.  We’re both excited about working together as city and people.  We hope to add some value making our area of the country a better place to live.

THANK YOU-  We are so grateful for the way you respond each month to our newsletters.  Thanks for staying faithful through both good and bad economies.  We are SO privileged that you enable us to focus ALL of our time and energy toward reaching people.  We are changing lives because of YOU!

Craig Groeschel at Catalyst 2008

Craig Groeschel

  • The “it” factor.  I don’t know what “it” is, but I’m pretty sure “it” has something to do with the Holy Spirit, but not ALL spirits.
  • God makes “it” happen.  You can’t create “it.”
  • “It” is not a model or a system.
  • “It” has an upside;  lives are changed forever.
  • “It” has a downside; “It” attracts critics.  “It” happens.
  • If you have “it” there is no guarantee that you are going to keep “it.”
  • Good news is, if you don’t have “it” you can get “it.”
  • More important than anything; you must have “it.”
  • I submitted myself to counseling .  I needed help.  I’m addicted to pleasing people and I’m addicted to adrenaline.  That is idolatry.  Now, before I speak, I take one step forward and step out of Craig Groeschel and into speaking for God.
  • You can be so far from God and no one knows it.
  • 5 million children under the age of 5 will die of starvation this year.
  • Leaders need to get over thinking they cannot feel hurt or pain.  Let God ruin you, heal you, and stretch you.  (you must actually hear him speak about ruin; amazing!)

Steven Furtick and Seth Godin Catalyst 2008

Steven Furtick

  • If you feed them, they will come.
  • When we made the decision to move to Charlotte, NC to plant a new church, one of our thoughts about this was that there was more to life than just going out and working a job filling up a bunch of 401K’s. 

Seth Godin

  • The more powerful your connections, the more value in what you are building.
  • Everyone is not the same.  Everyone does not want to join your tribe. Your job is to figure out who they are.
  • Faith builds into us; Religion control’s people.
  • Leaders:

1. Challenge the tribe

2. Create culture for the tribe

3. Have curiosity

4. Have charisma

5. Communicate

6. They connect tribe members to each other

7. They commit to the well-being of the tribe

No Name Speakers

Question:  I wonder why we don’t book many speakers for conferences who are not “big-timers?  Joseph was a gifted leader and Christian who was on a journey and had not been publicly noticed, much.  He would be used mightily of God.  The leader that has never been booked has not yet accomplished what the big-timers have, but will…..He or she is gifted, called, anointed, has a promise, touched and has the “it” factor.  God is all over this person, but God has chosen to keep them to Himself at this point.  Somehow, I think we all feel that to have a “good” conference there has to be a list of drawing card names.  In other words, what if we came from an angle of looking to put in the mix, a leader that is being prepared for what he’s being prepared for?

In other words, the “what” of this person has yet to be fully defined, but the “who” of this person is a first round draft pick.  They are out there!  Wouldn’t it be a neat thought to catch these leaders on their way to great things instead of waiting until they do great things?  Matter of fact, how do you know if they have not already done great things?  They have!  Every value every person adds to a life for the cause of eternity is a great thing!  The call and ministry of each individual is not predicated upon some type of minor league baseball system, hoping to get to “move up” to bigger engagements. What you do right where you are is as noticed and rewarded by God, our Father, as the highly visible.  I notice that many times our conferences have become a show and tell of who can do “it” the best and we wear these guys out all over the nation and even the world.

The Unveiling of Our New Origin Brand

A special thanks to the gang at Factor 1 Studios for a great, great purple cow of a logo and brand.  They have amazing creativity, fabulous pricing, and attitude that is out of this world!

Meaning of the Logo

The roots and origin are displayed literally in this logo, giving it a very organic feel.  The style and typography are a bit modern but the layout is very unique and distinct.  The tree and roots are blended with the typography to symbolize strong beliefs and foundation, and symbolizing the fact that there is a place of strength a person can go if they are un-churched, far from God, de-churched, don’t like church, or just disconnected, and still find acceptance.  Since origin means beginning point, when a person finds Origin Church, their life begins to come to life.  The tree and roots intentionally do not have leaves signifying the above fact and implies that a person will be growing-into real life.  When people find Origin Church, their lives will probably feel like the dead of winter with no hope and no direction.  As our root system nourishes them, the leaves of life will appear in their lives.  At Origin Church, “it all begins right now, right here.”


The Shift and the Purple Cow

When Andy Stanley started Northpoint, Ed Young launched Fellowship, Bill Hybels launched Willow Creek, and Rick Warren launched Saddleback, there was nothing much like what they were doing…it was the “purple cow” of the day and on into the 2000’s.  Now, there are hundreds of amazing and innovative worship services all over the nation that resemble and are very effective like the above churches.  So, should we begin to look for what makes us stand out as a church once again; that purple cow?  People become familiar with these services just like we did in every decade.  Seth Godin has some great ideas on this subject and I would like to expound.  Personally, I see the unchurched and churched screaming out for more depth in communicating the news of Jesus Christ.  Sure, teaching, the talk, and simple communication is a great thing and must be done.  No doubt, through the years, we’ve had way too much hollering and screaming, including me, that has not delivered the change effect of relevance and application we hope for as communicators.

I certainly don’t think we need to shy away from rockin’ out of the box worship, but I do see and hear a cry for something with a little more exposition of the scripture coming from the lecturn with relevant application.  This takes a very gifted communicator to do this.  Exposition alone is a lecture, a seminary class, and can be very boring.  But, if you find a gifted architect of the scripture who can take the scalpel of study and break the verse down, mix it with some relevant information, a little inspiration, and personal application, then you’ve got yourself a purple cow in this 2008 day! This culture wants the truth as all cultures have wanted.  They have, as someone said at Catalyst this past week, a good crap-sniffer and can tell when it’s posture, politics of denomination, and religion. They want it real!