A Reminder For Us All

A few more reminders of why we are planting a new church:

  • To save those that are far from God
  • Existing churches just aren’t doing it
  • The only state growing in church population is Hawaii
  • 3,660 churches started each year;  4,600 close
  • We need 38,802 new churches just to keep up with population growth
  • Every generation has experienced a percentage decrease in those that profess Christ
  • Only 2% of your kids’ generation will be Christ Followers
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2 thoughts on “A Reminder For Us All

  1. Hi Shane,

    My son ( Jared ) and daughter -in- law ( Caroline ) attended ur church last Wed. night and had AWESOME things to say about you, your vision for church and winning souls to the Kingdom and how great ur family was to them. As a mother I see ur ministry as an awnswered prayer for I have been praying a long time for God to send a mentor into Jared’s life and to put he and his wife in a place where God can use them… You and ur family will be in my prayers and THANK YOU for going out of ur way that night at the rest. where he works to invite them. = ) Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit….

    God Bless all you do for The Kingdom,

    Nancy = )

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